Sarah, Branch15 Graduate

“I love Branch15 and the way it is managed. The experience I've had living here as a resident has had a positive impact on my life. Branch15 has accommodated my needs and desire to restore the relationship between myself and my son. The classes I attended were insightful and educational. The support and love I've received has been life changing. Branch15 has been my home, not just a place to stay. My experience has been wonderful and I will carry the memories with me forever.”

Sherry, Branch15 Graduate

"I moved into Branch 15. It was hard at first because I was left alone with my own worst enemy...myself. I would go to work and pretend I fit in, embarrassed about needing to work on my past. Everyday I said to myself, "if they only knew". But, as time went by, I began to see my own strength in working on things. I never thought I could feel equal to others and now I walk into work thinking about others instead of my insecurities, and I never thought I'd ever be able to buy a house and have my very own space...I now own my own loft home."

Branch15 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

We depend solely on donations, grants and fundraisers to further our cause.

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Mission Statement: To provide Christ-centered transitional living with individualized care and support for women on their paths to recovery and independent, sustainable living.

Greater Connection

We seek to connect each woman with the Lord Jesus Christ and the right people to support her.

Greater Competency

We seek to guide each woman towards professional, domestic and personal competency.

Greater Character

We seek to support and encourage each woman in her chosen personal character development.

Greater Confidence

We seek to build each woman's self-worth by teaching her to know her true identity.


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